IU Personally Asked For Artists' Permission To Remake Songs For Her New Album

Singer IU’s latest remake album “Flower Bookmark 2” has been a chart-topping hit, and impressive insights into the album’s production have recently come to light.

When IU’s album was released on September 22, many listeners became interested in the original artists of the songs included on “Flower Bookmark 2.” Young people everywhere are being exposed to the work of these original artists thanks to IU’s new album, and many artists have expressed how happy this makes them via social media.

As the original artists are sharing their appreciation for IU, there is one aspect they are emphasizing: IU approached the artists directly to ask for permission to remake their songs.

Choi Sung Won, who originally released “Everyday With You” with the group Deulgukhwa, stated, “Usually singers receive permission for remakes through the agency or the manager. This was the first time that the singer requested permission herself.”

The singer added that he saw an unknown phone number come up on his phone. After ignoring the call he immediately received a text from IU saying that she would like to speak with him.

IU carefully sought out his permission by stating that she would remake the song while maintaining its original integrity.

Admiring her effort, Choi Sung Won replied that it would be alright even if she completely changed the song, and that she should do with it as she pleased. This was the start of IU’s beautiful version of “Everyday With You” on her new album.

Someone else received a phone call from IU. The singer also sent a personal request to the original artist of “Autumn Morning,” guitarist and movie and music producer Lee Byung Woo.

In an interview, Lee Byung Woo revealed, “The call first came from IU. She told me they were about to begin the mastering of the album and asked if I would listen to the song. I was surprised when she stated that she actually wanted to stay faithful to the original version.”

IU went to great pains to retain the integrity of these veterans’ works and her care and consideration is clear in the album.

In the past, IU has explained her desire to release remake albums by saying, “To the senior artists that I respect, these days there are a lot of people who do not know your work and that is a shame. I wanted to introduce it to them through my voice.”

Even though these are songs that young people listened to in the 70s and 80s, IU wants to bring these oldies back for a new generation to enjoy.

Netizens are responding to IU’s work with high praise, stating, “The album is cool from its production all the way to its end result,” “We can see her character in this,” and “Thanks to her I have learned about a lot of great songs.”

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