EXO Members Open Up About What Drives Them Through Difficult Times As Celebrities

During their guest appearance on the October 1 broadcast of SBS’s “JYP’s Party People,” EXO looked back on the last few years since their debut in 2012.

While talking about most memorable moments during their career, Baekhyun asserted that he would still choose their debut showcase even when he was older. Suho opened up about his long training period as the conversation turned to times when they feel overwhelmed by their careers.

Known for his quiet personality, D.O. shared, “There are a lot of aspects [of an idol’s life] that don’t fit me. Truthfully, the way I see it, being in your 20s and not being able to walk down the streets comfortably is a really difficult situation. There were also a lot of times I wanted to give up because it was hard. However, honestly speaking, everyone probably feels this way. People with different careers must be going through difficulties as well.”

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As for what gets him through these hard times, D.O. stated, “I think I [endure] by thinking solely about how happy I am while working together with everyone.”

Chen agreed with his teammate, adding, “Everyone is the same. We just happen to be have a slightly more specialized career, but we’re not any different or more special than other people. I think that we have a job where we receive a lot of love for [what we do], so we need to know how to give love as well.”

Chanyeol expressed, “I think that to be loved by someone and to have many people keep you in their thoughts are things to be thankful for. So, when I think about things like this, they become my driving force behind my ability to endure. These days especially, I always end any conflicting thoughts I have with the conclusion that I have a job I am thankful for and love.”

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