Watch: IU Makes A Surprise Appearance At A Couple’s Wedding

IU has granted a lucky fan’s wish!

The fan is a 24-year-old woman named Im Hyun Joo. She submitted a request to Dingo Music, asking for a singer to appear at her older sister’s wedding and sing a congratulatory song for her special day.

Im Hyun Joo opened up about why she submitted a request to Dingo Music. She shared, “When I was in fifth grade, my parents got divorced. My sister paid for our younger brother’s college tuition and bought a house and refrigerator for our mom. So as a result, she didn’t have any wedding funds. I want to do something for her, but there’s nothing I can physically give her.”

Alas, her wish came true!

IU made a grand entrance at the wedding while singing “Everyday With You,” surprising everyone including the bride and groom. Her beautiful, sweet voice touched hearts, and the couple’s faces lit up with joy. IU, who heard the couple really likes the song “First Love” she sang with Na Yoon Kwon, even sang a bit of that for them also.

Once the ceremony was over, the couple was able to personally meet IU. She congratulated them on their wedding, and in turn, the groom congratulated her on her comeback. Surprised, IU commented, “You must have been busy with your wedding preparations. How did you know?” He replied, “I couldn’t sleep, so I listened to your songs.”

Last but not least, IU gifted the newlyweds with matching pajamas, wine, and wine glasses. The bride admitted they hadn’t prepared pajamas, and IU was thrilled that she got to give something that they needed.

Check out the heart-warming moment below!