VIXX’s N Talks About Why He Acts And Shares His Future Goals As An Actor

VIXX’s N shared his thoughts on the reason he acts and his future goals in acting during a recent interview.

When asked about why he acts, the answer N gave was simple: Because it’s fun and rewarding.

“Acting is one thing that’s really hard for me, to be honest,” N began. “When I’m filming a drama, it’s really hard and I sometimes have so many things going on in my head. It also comes with a responsibility because when it comes to character analysis, I have to discuss it closely with the director and analyze it. I even dreamed about studying acting. You see how much it is now, right?”

When N was appearing in both “Perfect Wife” and “Tunnel” this year, he practiced his lines hundreds of times. “The character I’m playing could affect many viewers,” he explained.

N put extra effort into analyzing characters in depth as he went through different works. It was okay to show his natural self when shooting “Sassy Go Go,” but had to go farther when he came across more varied characters.

“I began to have this wish that I would be seen as the character himself and not as Cha Hakyeon [N’s real name], so the viewers can concentrate more,” N said.

“Sassy Go Go” was a turning point for him, he revealed. He said, “What’s really interesting is when you’re shooting, it’s so hard and you think you can’t do it again. But when you see the results, you become so happy, satisfied, joyful, and so on. ‘Rewarding’ is too simple to describe that feeling, it’s just really fun. It’s definitely going to be challenging when I join another work, but I think I can overcome all that because of the happy feeling that comes after.”

N said he is a perfectionist. When he isn’t completely ready, he becomes nervous. Naturally, his practice hours are longer than most. Due to his busy schedule as a member of VIXX and with concerts in other countries, he feels that he needs more acting practice than others, and said it’s only natural that he practices more.

“I even used to go to acting classes at two or three in the morning after filming was over,” N said. “I was physically exhausted back then. My teacher would wake up in the night to answer my questions over the phone. And because I constantly ask questions like ‘Why does [the character] say this?’ to the director or other actors, they like me and help me more. Maybe they see that I’m serious about acting.”

One of the challenging things for N when he started acting was improvisation. He explained, “As you know, I’m the type to prepare everything in advance and show them later. But in acting auditions, I have to express something they ask me to on the spot. That was really difficult. So I had a hard time and didn’t know what to do at first, but as time passed, I began to understand how to do it. I would talk to the director or try to interpret my role in my own way.”

N also shared his future goal as an actor. He wants to become an actor who can continue his career for a long time, he says. Rather than become a star with one good work, he would like to build his career steadily with patience and exertion.

Other actors he worked with in the past such as Lee Won Geun and Ji Soo are also a source of learning for N. He said, “They’re friends I’m very thankful for. They don’t try to teach me something, but I gain indirect experience from what they say at places like drama sets.”

Recently, N has been taking some rest and spending time watching shows, studying, and looking back on himself. When it was recommended that he have some fun and go drinking, however, N shook his head. “Once I wondered, ‘Is it okay for me to not go to clubs at all? Do I have to make myself go?’,” N replied. “But I have my own way of relieving stress. I generally don’t like drinking. I’m happiest when I’m making fragrant candles at home and sometimes going out to see my friends. I also like having a beer with other VIXX members.”

As of now, he is working on his Japanese and watching dramas he missed when he was busy. “I’m only now watching ‘Kill Me, Heal Me‘ and ‘Voice‘ from the beginning,” N added.

N is now looking for a new work and a new character, while being active as a member of VIXX. He wants to do well in both music and acting, he said. But rather than be greedy, N said he will try with a serious, humble attitude.

N has been acting since 2014, and appeared in works including “Hotel King,” “Family Is Coming,” “Sassy Go Go,” “Tomorrow Boy,” “Perfect Wife,” and “Tunnel.”

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