“Because This Is My First Life” Drops Stoic Stills Of Lee Min Ki

Upcoming tvN drama “Because This is My First Life” released new stills of Lee Min Ki as “house poor” Nam Sae Hee, an app designer who bought a house in order to have a stable future but has to pay off loans for thirty years.

In the first still, he serenely listens to music and throws back a can of beer as he strokes his adorable white cat after a day of work.

In the second still, he examines a speck of dust in his kitchen while sporting grey pajamas, gazing at it intensely.

In the last still, he appears quite serious as he types away at his computer at work.

Nam Sae Hee is an interesting character, as he shows that he really lives by the words, “The only things I can manage in life are this house and my cat.” Rather than having a friend or lover, he believes that he needs a tenant who’ll pay monthly rent. However, he has yet to find a tenant whom he likes, and it was revealed that he even secretly reported one to the police for making noise at night. He ends up finding a tenant he actually likes, Yoon Ji Ho (Jung So Min), who meets all his thorough criteria, though he is shocked when he finds out that his tenant is female.

“Because This is My First Life” will air its first episode on October 9 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

Watch Lee Min Ki’s character teaser below!

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