Park Seo Joon Shares Thoughts On Reading Online Comments

Park Seo Joon, who has been receiving a lot of love for his acting, recently participated in an @star1 magazine photo shoot, where he talked what he’s been up to after concluding “Fight My Way” and film “Midnight Runners.”

He revealed, “I’ve been traveling with friends and resting at home, catching up on some much needed sleep. After finishing ‘Fight My Way,’ I went right into promoting for ‘Midnight Runners.’ I’m also about to go on my first Asia tour since my debut so I’m excited for that.”

When asked about if he reads comments on articles about him, he responded, “I don’t really look at articles or comments. My parents read them more often than I do. I worry sometimes that they may read negative comments. Your family tends to get hurt by them more than your colleagues. So I try to be careful with my words and actions.”

Check out his photo shoot images from the pictorial as well!

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