Kim Jae Wook Features In Stills From “Degree Of Love”

“Degree of Love” has released stills of Kim Jae Wook all composed and cool in character.

Kim Jae Wook plays the role of Park Jung Woo, a successful businessman who looks cold on the outside, but actually has a warm heart. Along with the stills, the actor’s representative talked about how in episode 11 and 12 of the drama, Park Jung Woo and Ji Hong Ah (Jo Bo Ah) develop a meaningful relationship unlike five years ago when they were only passing acquaintances.

Recently, Park Jung Woo has been coming to Lee Hyun Soo’s (Seo Hyun Jin) rescue whenever she is in trouble like a knight in shining armor, and receiving love from viewers for his straightforwardness and patience.

In the new episodes, things get complicated both in terms of romance and career as Ji Hong Ah comes to find Park Jung Woo. Park Jung Woo has to navigate his way out of the mess when he has deep affection for both Lee Hyun Soo and On Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong).

SBS’s “Degree of Love” is a drama adaption of writer Ha Myung Hee’s novel “Kind Soup Does Not Answer Phone Calls” (literal translation). It has been recording high viewership ratings with its heartwarming story. “Degree of Love” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. KST.

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