Korean Artists Who Show Love For Their Fans Through Tattoos

There are of course many celebrities with fascinating tattoos, ranging from meaningful quotes to portraits of their loved ones and more, but it’s amazing how some artists have used tattoos to show love for their fans.

Let’s look at some Korean artists who have chosen to get tattoos that represent their fans as a sign of gratitude.

1. Jay Park

Jay Park is already well known for his love for both tattoos and his fans. He has said, “Tattoos are a drawn expression of something that’s valuable and important to me,” and he tattooed his fan club name JWALKERS on the back of his neck.

2. Block B’s Zico

Block B’s fan club name is “BBC,” short for Block B Club, and its mascot is a bee. Although Zico has a tattoo of a cute bee and even calls his fans “honeybees,” the tattoo is hard to spot as it’s on his lower right side!

3. Jessi

Jessi’s fan club is called “Jebbie.” Because its pronunciation is similar to the Korean word for a swallow, Jessi tattooed a black swallow on her right arm. She revealed that it was to always remind herself of her fans.

4. WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon

Lee Seung Hoon has a tattoo of the group’s logo on his neck. He dedicated it to his fans, saying that he didn’t want to forget his gratitude for his fans who supported him through hard times.

5. Block B’s Taeil

Taeil is also well known for his numerous tattoos, but one of the tattoos that stands out would be the bee on his right arm. Just like Zico, he also has a tattoo of a bee that stands for his fans.

6. AOA’s Jimin

Jimin tattooed her fan club name ELVIS on her left hand to always remind herself of her fans.

Have you spotted any other artists with tattoos that show love for their fans?

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