Bolbbalgan4 Comments On How Much They’re Earning Right Now

Bolbbalgan4 recently sat down for an interview that aired on the October 3 broadcast of SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment,” and discussed the effects of their popularity.

The duo recently released their newest mini album “Red Diary Page.1” on September 28, and has since been sweeping all the major charts. In the first half of this year alone, their songs have been streamed approximately 200 million times.

They’re one of the most sought out artists, and reportedly performed at 26 events in one month. The host asked if there has been a huge change in their income..

Woo Ji Yoon explained, “Before, we were jobless. After [our increase in popularity], it was like ‘Oh my, what is this money?'” Ahn Ji Young added, “It’s the feeling of having more savings. [Our income] is more than whatever you may be imagining.” The pair also shared how they had gifted their mothers with credit cards.

Bolbbalgan4 talked about their previous experience on “Superstar K 6” as well, saying, “We considered it our last chance. If we didn’t succeed after trying, we were thinking of quitting altogether.” At the time, they auditioned as a four-membered band.

“We do think that we’re now seeing the positive effects of being eliminated back then,” Ahn Ji Young commented.

Make sure to listen to Bolbbalgan4’s newest title track “Some,” which they explained tries to give comfort to people who are feeling lonely, and encourage them to confidently confess to anyone they might like.

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