SHINee’s Key Opens Instagram Account For His Beloved Dogs

SHINee’s Key has finally opened a dedicated Instagram account for his well-known furry companions, CommeDes and Garçons!

Named after the Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons, his dogs have been featured on the idol’s own personal Instagram account countless times, and have even appeared on shows like “Key’s Knowhow” and “My Little Television” alongside Key.

On October 3, the SHINee member announced that he made a new “dogstagram” account to serve as a diary for his furry sons.

made commedes garcons’s diary dogstagram @commegalife

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The new Instagram account already has over 32,000 followers, and has posts written as if either CommeDes or Garçons were speaking. The amusing captions say things like, “I think this human who takes care of me thinks he is my owner. Don’t be fooled you are my friend, Kim. Ki. Bum. [Key’s real name]” and “Dad, if something like this is on me, don’t aim the camera at me and remove it first. Please.”

Make sure to follow all the adventures of CommeDes and Garçons at their new Instagram account here!