New Teasers For Upcoming Drama “Witch’s Court” Show Two Sides Of Jung Ryeo Won

KBS’s upcoming drama “Witch’s Court” (directed by Kim Young Gyun and written by Jung Do Yoon) recently dropped some teasers and a trailer starring lead actress Jung Ryeo Won.

“Witch’s Court” is a mystery drama about an ace detective whose career was derailed by an unexpected incident (Jung Ryeo Won) and a judge who chose the path of the law instead of becoming a doctor (Yoon Hyun Min) as they solve crimes against women and children.

The teasers show two sides of Jung Ryeo Won’s character: on one hand, the hardboiled detective, and on the other, a woman willing to go down on her knees to ask someone a favor.

A source from the drama said, “The character has a side of herself that is unexpected considering her nickname of ‘the witch.’ Please tune in to the first episode next week to find out what brought out the new side of her.”

The drama also dropped some behind-the-scenes cuts of the poster shoot, highlighting both Jung Ryeo Won’s character’s workaholic side and cute, introspective side.

Watch the trailer for “Witch’s Court” below!

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