Go Kyung Pyo Expresses Gratitude Towards Park Bo Gum As A Travel Companion And Close Friend

There’s no denying that Go Kyung Pyo and Park Bo Gum are the closest of friends. They have worked on multiple projects together, including the smash hit “Reply 1988.” The two also appeared on the popular travel variety show “Youth Over Flowers,” where the two traveled with their other co-stars across Africa. And most recently, it was revealed that the two embarked on a trip around North America together.

Go Kyung Pyo revealed, “I felt sorry towards him. We decided on the trip when I was filming ‘Strongest Deliveryman,’ but because of my filming schedule, I was unable to help in the planning process. He [Park Bo Gum] planned most of the trip. I just went. I’m really sorry but I’m so thankful. I worried if I could even go on the trip, but I became more excited as it drew nearer.”

He expressed, “I didn’t think or plan. I just wanted to leave. I just wanted to have days where I didn’t have schedules. And this trip was just that. I’m the type of traveler who can’t just sit still. I always like to be active when I travel.”

In the photos taken by fans which were released online, as well as in the ones that he shared, Go Kyung Pyo and Park Bo Gum are wearing comfortable casual clothes and backpacks, and were spotted all over the U.S and Canada.

On his fellow travel mate, Go Kyung Pyo revealed, “Park Bo Gum is a special person to me. In ‘Reply 1988’ we became one family, but even in real life, he’s like family. He’s young, but there’s a lot to learn from him, and he’s reliable. I definitely rely on him. He’s someone who’s more than just a colleague or friend. I hope he succeeds even more than he has so far. I’m happy that all our ‘Reply’ friends did well and that Bo Gum is receiving a lot of love.”

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