GFRIEND Says Their Next Big Goal Is To Hold Their First Korean Solo Concert

While speaking in an interview about their recent promotional activities for “Love Whisper” and “Summer Rain,” GFRIEND spoke up about a goal they have that many fans probably share: a solo concert!

All of the members expressed that they share the same desire to hold a solo concert with Umji adding, “We really hope we can have one soon. We don’t have any officially confirmed plans to hold a solo concert yet, but all of us always talk about what songs we’d like to perform. We really hope that dream comes true soon.”

GFRIEND was all smiles as they talked about making a quick comeback with “Summer Rain,” which was about three weeks after “Love Whisper.” Sowon stated, “This is the first time we’ve made such a quick comeback. But it was nice because we got to connect with our fans even more.” Yuju also said, “We were preparing for ‘Summer Rain’ while promoting ‘Love Whisper.’ It was a very busy time for us but we’re happy with how things turned out.”

Umji went on to say, “We’re grateful that we continued to receive love of ‘Summer Rain,’ even if it hadn’t been that long since ‘Love Whisper.” Yuju also brought up that many people wanted to know why GFRIEND released a song called “Summer Rain” in the fall, and she explained, “There are people who think we picked the wrong season, but I think the title works perfectly with the theme of the lyrics, which is about reminiscing.”

We hope that GFRIEND’s wish for a solo concert comes true soon so they can create more memories with Buddies [GFRIEND’s official fan club name]!

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