Watch: JBJ Decides On Rules For Their Dorm And Picks Who Is Most Likely To Follow Them

In the second episode of their reality show, “Just Be Joyful, JBJ,” JBJ were asked to write down the rules they wanted everyone to follow in their dorm.

All the members added their own rules to the board and picked who they thought was most or least likely to follow them. Kwon Hyun Bin said, “Before sitting or lying down on the bed, wash up first” and picked Kim Sang Gyun as the least likely to follow that rule. (Kim Sang Gyun, who was sitting behind him, protested this.)

Kim Sang Gyun said, “Keep the areas you’ve used tidy” and picked Kim Dong Han as the most likely to follow that rule. He then asked Kim Dong Han to clean his room for him, which Kim Dong Han refused.

Takada Kenta said, “Keep the bathroom clean” and said that anyone who broke the rule would have to sleep with him. Kim Dong Han said, “Do the dishes right after you eat and ask before using other’s stuff.”

At the very end the show revealed the full list of dorm rules, which included things like “Obey my words” (Noh Tae Hyun), ask before touching personal items like clothes (Kwon Hyun Bin), and ask before using consumable supplies (Longguo).

Watch the video below: