MOMOLAND Shares Secrets Behind Their Dorm Life And Who They’d Like To Pursue Acting With

Recently MOMOLAND was interviewed by Ilgan Sports, where they sent Chuseok holiday messages to their fans and shared all the secrets behind their dorm life and acting aspirations.

About their dorm life, Nayun said, “Ten of us, including the nine members and the female manager, live together. The dorm is nice but there are a lot of people and a lot of luggage so it can be uncomfortable. We’re planning to move soon. We’re going to live near the company, so the practice room will be closer.”

When asked whether the members fought in the dorm, Hyebin said, “There have been times when it’s happened. It never got physical, but we often bicker in a small way.”

JooE joked, “We’re supposed to say we never fight, but you answered too honestly.”

Hyebin added, “The members who are closest in age tend to fight a lot. But afterwards, the reason [for fighting] is always nothing much. We use bunk beds and there was a fight once over someone in the bottom bunk telling someone in the top bunk to clean up their mattress cover because it looked like clouds. When members fight like that, the others just laugh in the background. It’s like an elementary school fight. We don’t dare try and intervene.”

The girls then revealed that it was Nancy who had said the “mattress cover looked like clouds” and Nancy said the feeling she got from it was hard to explain. However, JooE added, “Our leader, Hyebin, leads us well [so our teamwork is good].”

When asked who they wanted to act with, should they pursue acting in the future, Jane and Hyebin both picked Kang Dong Won. JooE said, “I loved the ‘Reply’ series. While watching, I fell in love with Jung Woo [star of ‘Reply 1994‘]. I don’t know if there will ever come a day when I can act, but if that happens, I want to meet him.”

Nayun picked Jo Jin Woong, Yeonwoo picked Ma Dong Seok, Ahin picked Ha Jung Woo, and Daisy picked Jo Jung Suk. Nancy said, “I’ve filmed a commercial before with Go Kyung Pyo and I would like to act with him in another project as well.”

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