13 Times EXO Were Real-Life Memes

Did you know that in order to become a K-pop star you also need to become a certified meme? Along with their stunning visuals, sharp choreographies, and powerful vocals, the members of EXO have also achieved memehood. So sit back, relax, and laugh along with us as we showcase 13 times EXO were real life memes.

1. That time D.O. became an author:

2. What everyone’s elementary yearbook photos look like:

3. The only Kim we need in this world:

(Can I get an amen?)

4. Greeting the upcoming weekend, then realizing all the work you have catch up on:

5. How’s college going?


6. This GIF just screams meme:

7. When you find out EXO is coming on tour to your country:

8. When you’re trying to be slick about checking someone out:

9. I feel like Kyung Soo is the Mike Wazowski of K-pop:

10. A forever mood:

11. This was just asking to be memed:

12. Legends only:

13. When your mom told you to take the chicken out of the freezer before she came back, but you done forgot, so you have to act like you’re surprised that it’s not completely defrosted:

Hey Soompiers! Which one was your favorite meme? Tell us in the comments below!

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