Jung Ryeo Won Is A Wicked Prosecutor That Spares No One In “Witch’s Court”

In new stills released from “Witch’s Court,” the new KBS 2TV drama to air on October 9, Jung Ryeo Won is quite the formidable prosecutor, not batting an eye or yielding an inch in the face of a raised hand and what’s likely to be a lot of spittle from the head prosecutor, played by Jeon Bae Soo.

In the pictured scene, Ma Yi Deum (Jung Ryeo Won) says to Oh Soo Cheol (Jeon Bae Soo), “I may not be able to make you succeed, but I can definitely ruin you.”

A source from “Witch’s Court” said, “The conflict between Yi Deum and Oh Soo Cheol will lead to the birth of a big change in Yi Deum’s life. Stay tuned to the first episode next week to find out why these two characters hate each other so much and what the hidden meaning is behind what Yi Deum said to Oh Soo Cheol.”

“Witch’s Court” is about a prosecutor named Ma Yi Deum who is forced to take a turn off the highway of her promising career when she becomes involved in an unexpected incident. She ends up teaming up with Yeo Jin Wook (Yoon Hyun Min) to investigate crimes against women and children, despite the fact that they utterly hate each other.

Watch the teaser for “Witch’s Court”:

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