Watch: Shinhwa’s Andy And Minwoo Show How To Hide In Plain Sight On “Three Meals A Day”

As expected, Shinhwa’s Andy and Minwoo didn’t hesitate to prank their fellow member Eric when presented with the opportunity.

The two veteran idols were guests on the October 6 broadcast of tvN’s “Three Meals a Day,” which features a permanent cast of Lee Seo Jin, Shinhwa’s Eric, and Yoon Kyun Sang.

Andy and Minwoo arrived at their lodging ahead of the three regular members, and decided to play a prank, saying, “Don’t they think a female guest is coming today? Let’s hide.” After they staged their luggage, prepared food, and started a fire to make sure it seems like someone had arrived, the two Shinhwa members changed clothes to look exactly like film crew members, complete with comfortable slip-ons and towels to partially hide their faces.

When Lee Seo Jin, Eric, and Yoon Kyun Sang finally appeared, they immediately realized that someone had arrived, but assumed it was a headstrong female guest like Han Ji Min again. Not aware that Minwoo and Andy were watching their every move just a few feet away, the three cast members began to search the entire house.

While they found out their guest was male when Yoon Kyun Sang discovered Andy and Minwoo’s shoes, they hilariously guessed that their guest was Shinhwa’s Jun Jin instead. Frustrated, Andy and Minwoo began to act strangely by arranging props and snacking on the prepared food.

Lee Seo Jin caught on eventually, commenting, “Isn’t that [crew member] strange? The one moving around,” and even said, “He looks like Minwoo.” However, Eric refuted, “No, that’s a staff member.” Eric kept arguing that Lee Seo Jin was wrong, until he finally shouted, “Answer! [The guests are] Andy and Minwoo!”

Watch the hilarious prank play out below!

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