Watch: Shinhwa’s Andy Comments On How Eric Cooks While Quickly Preparing Meal With Minwoo

Shinhwa’s Eric finally got his wish!

Shinhwa members Andy and Minwoo were this week’s guests on the October 6 broadcast of tvN’s “Three Meals A Day.” The two arrived at the island before Lee Seo Jin, Eric, and Yoon Kyun Sang and prepared a meal for the trio while pranking them in the process. However, the production staff who were all used to Eric’s slow, leisurely cooking were surprised at Andy and Minwoo’s speedy preparations.

When the staff asked the veteran idol members if they’re always this quick, Minwoo answered, “Andy cooks quite quickly, although he doesn’t have an impatient personality.” Then, Andy made everyone laugh when he said, “I am impatient! Watch me. Don’t I look impatient? How did you stay by my side for 20 years?”

Andy added, “I like this show so I watch it often, but you all must be so frustrated watching Eric. I almost exploded!”

Next week’s episode will be the finale of this season of “Three Meals A Day.” Watch Andy’s speedy cooking below!

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