7 Of The Hottest Chinese And Taiwanese Actors You Need To Know

K-drama fans often find themselves swooning over the leads of many Korean dramas. Whether it’s their acting skills or their perfect visuals, the main men are constantly running away with our hearts. There are also many heart-stopping actors in the Chinese and Taiwanese entertainment industry! These talented men are also experts at sweeping their viewers off their feet with their addictive charisma.

To help them, we have gathered together a list of seven of our favorite Chinese and Taiwanese actors to share with Soompiers worldwide!

Chen Xiao

Born in 1987, Chen Xiao is the first Chinese actor to make it on this list. He received his first notable roles in 2010, but it wasn’t until 2013 that he became well known. His appearances in the popular traditional Chinese dramas “Swordsman” and “Legend of Lu Zhen” garnered much attention from the public. He has since furthered his acting career by receiving acclaim from his fans and critics alike with every new role!

To see one of his many superb performances, check out his drama “Love & Life & Lie.” In this series he is trying to find love between a friend and a new figure that have both fallen head over heels for him!

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Aaron Yan

Aaron Yan is not only considered the king of Taiwanese romantic comedies, but he is also a singer. He used to be a member of the popular boy band Fahrenheit, and he’s even released solo works since he left the group in 2012. He is well known for being hard-working, charming, and genuine. There is no end to his charms as he is one of the most shippable actors around. He has amazing chemistry with every co-star he appears with, and some fans have likened his compatibility capabilities to that of Lee Jong Suk‘s.

One of his many heart-warming dramas is “Just You.” This series tells the story of a strict CEO that meets his match in the form of a bubbly but determined roommate and coworker!

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Li Hong Yi

The youngest entry on this list is Li Hong Yi, who was born in 1998! He was a trainee at SM Entertainment for a short stint of time before he decided to pursue his education and acting career in China. While he is incredibly new to the acting scene, he is already gaining fans because of his amazing visuals and fun portrayals of the tsundere character type.

He’s had a supporting role in the movie “Yesterday Once More” and starred as the lead in both seasons of “Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me.” So far, everything he has appeared in has reminded fans of Japanese school romance dramas, but with two more dramas on the way, there’s no saying what other kinds of roles he will get soon!

Chen Bolin

Probably the actor with the most global recognition of these eight would be Chen Bolin! He has appeared in Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Korean television programs and movies. He has tackled all types of roles; from the lead in romantic comedies to parts in action and fantasy films. He never fails to entertain viewers with his impressive acting skills and easygoing spirit!

If he looks familiar, it’s possibly because he has made quite a few appearances in the Korean news from his Korean promotions as well as from when he filmed the Chinese version of “We Got Married” with Song Ji Hyo.

He is also well-known for his role in a Taiwanese romance drama called “In Time With You,” which aired in 2011. This drama works hard to capture the reality of two friends who slowly fall in love after they reach adulthood!

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Li Yi Feng

Another singer-actor combo is the handsome Chinese celebrity Li Yi Feng! Even though he can sing, he slowly began focusing on his acting career in 2009. He first took on supporting roles in television dramas, until he hit it big with his appearances in the award-winning dramas “Swords of Legends” and “The Lost Tomb.” His roles in both dramas furthered his career greatly and he received praise for his vivid character portrayals. He continued to score many leading roles and has won numerous awards for his acting skills. He even came in at 9th place on Forbes China Celebrity list in 2015!

If you enjoy action and suspense you won’t want to miss out on his popular series “The Lost Tomb.” In this drama, Li Yi Feng is the descendant of a family of tomb raiders; but when old secrets are uncovered, he finds himself learning more about his family’s past than he ever thought he would.

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Huang Xiao Ming

Huang Xiao Ming is well known for a multitude of reasons. He is a model, a singer, and ultimately an actor. He invests and does philanthropy work as well. He is the oldest actor on this list, as he was born in 1977 and has been active in the entertainment industry since 1998. With the skill expected of an experienced senior, he constantly blows away viewers with his varying but always impactful roles.

The role that catapulted him to stardom was that of Emperor Wu of Han in the television show “The Prince of Han Dynasty.” Not only did he excel in portraying the role of a respected historical figure, but he also went on to grab viewers’ attention with his following roles. He is best known for his parts in the series “The Return of the Condor Heroes,” “Summer’s Desire,” and “Cruel Romance.”

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Dylan Xiong

In the Korean entertainment world there are many idol members who also take on the challenge of acting; which is exactly what Dylan Xiong is doing! He is a member of the Taiwanese Mandopop group SpeXial. He first joined the group and got his first drama role in 2016, so he is fairly new compared to the other actors on this list (besides Li Hong Yi).

However, he isn’t letting his rookie status hold him back in the slightest, resulting in him scoring multiple main character roles in the past year and a half. So far he is gaining recognition for his parts in the drama series “Men With Swords Season 1,” “Painting Heart Expert,” and “My Mr. Mermaid.” You don’t want to miss this heartthrob’s loveable performance as a swimming athlete in the romance drama!

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Which actor has caught your attention? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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