EXO’s Kai Exudes Charisma In New Stills For “Andante”

New stills of EXO’s Kai in KBS 1TV’s “Andante” have been released!

In one photo, Kai is fiercely gazing at someone on the school’s rooftop. He emanates charisma, appearing fearless of the situation. It has caused viewers to become increasingly curious about who he is standing in front of.

Next is a collection of photos that show Kai frantically handling a pile of coins and then hiding them when his sister shows up. He is also seen reading a letter that seems to be associated with the coins. The classmates behind him are looking cautiously at him, wondering what’s going on.

“Andante” is about a high school student named Si Kyung (Kai). Originally from Seoul, he moves to the countryside where his grandmother lives because of his family’s debt. Before leaving the city, he witnessed his classmate getting beaten up but ran away from the situation. In order to avoid punishment, the violent perpetrators threaten Si Kyung so that he doesn’t testify against them. They even follow him to his new house in order to threaten him.

Many are looking forward to watching the growth of Si Kyung, as he previously had difficulty with confronting violent bullies.

Meanwhile, “Andante” brought in solid ratings with its first episode. Catch the next episode on October 8 at 10:10 a.m. KST!

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