Si An And Seungjae Become The Cutest Friends On “The Return Of Superman”

Si An and Seungjae will show off their adorable friendship for the first time on “The Return of Superman.”

The upcoming episode of “The Return of Superman” will show the five families of the cast spending a day at a seodang, a traditional Korean school for children.

Si An and Seungjae met for the first time during the final minutes of the last week’s October 1. The children were seen eating yogurt together and taking care of Rohee.

Amid the increased attention towards the children’s first meeting, photos of Si An and Seungjae together in the countryside have been released. The two children’s friendship seems strong both in and out of the seodang. One picture shows Seungjae lying with his head on Si An’s lap while another features Seungjae pulling Si An’s hand as he heads somewhere. They are also each carrying a picture frame and a pumpkin in one photo, arousing curiosity to what they are doing.

Reportedly, the two children got along with each other right away and had a good time together. Not only did they play hide-and-seek and spend time teaching Taekwondo, they surprised everyone by cooperating while running errands and had no trouble completing their tasks.

The episode featuring Seungjae and Si An’s growing friendship will air on October 8 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

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