Han Sun Hwa Reveals Why She Looked At The Mirror Often When She Was Younger

On October 7, “Ask Us Anything” continued its Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) special episode from last week, starring guests Hong Jin Young, Jang Do Yeon, Han Sun Hwa, Lee Tae Im, Park Mi Sun, and Jo Hye Ryun.

During this episode, actress and former Secret member Han Sun Hwa did a quiz about herself. She asked, “There are words I believed in during my high school days. What are they?” Super Junior’s Kim Heechul guessed, “You’re the prettiest.” Hong Jin Young answered, “You’ll lose weight once you go to college.” Park Mi Sun responded, “You’ll become pretty when you become an adult.”

None of those answers were right, so Han Sun Hwa gave a clue. She hinted, “If you do this, you’ll become pretty.” Lee Soo Geun hit bull’s eye with the answer, “If you look at the mirror often, you’ll become pretty.” To that, Kim Heechul joked, “Then Sun Hwa, you’ve never looked at a mirror before?”

Han Sun Hwa explained the answer, saying, “Back then, I liked self-improvement books. In one of them, it was written, ‘If you look at the mirror often, you’ll become pretty.’ I think I believed in that back then. That’s why I really looked at the mirror often.”

“Ask Us Anything” airs every Saturday at 8:50 p.m. KST.

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