4 Things To Look Out For In First Episode Of “Witch’s Court”

KBS 2TV is set to premier its new Monday-Tuesday drama “Witch’s Court” on October 9 and the drama has shared new stills that show why viewers won’t want to miss out on the first episode.

“Witch’s Court” will be a legal thriller that follows ace prosecutor Ma Ee Deum (played by Jung Ryeo Won) and doctor-turned-rookie-prosecutor Yeo Jin Wook (played by Yoon Hyun Min) as they team up to take down those who commit crimes against women and children.

Here are four things to look out for in the first episode of “Witch’s Court.”

1. The one and only ace prosecutor Ma Ee Deum has arrived

The “witch” of “Witch’s Court” will be none other than Ma Ee Deum, a unique character who’s never been seen before in any Korean drama. Ee Deum fears nothing when it comes to climbing up the career ladder, and she is an infamous character within the prosecutor’s office. As the ace of her team, she uses her wit and knowledge to play with the line that separates legal and illegal means of investigations to get her answers. Unfortunately, she gets tangled in an unfortunate situation involving a higher-up, which creates a serious roadblock in her career. Viewers will enjoy seeing Ee Deum use everything in her arsenal to get back on track and overcome the hardships that have been thrown her way.

2. “Witch” cross! Ma Ee Deum and Yeo Jin Wook’s partnership to shake things up

Because of the unfortunate situation involving her superior, Ma Ee Deum gets paired up with rookie prosecutor Yeo Jin Wook, who has quite an interesting backstory. He is famous for being a little ‘crazy’ in his team due to his passion for justice and the endless amount of energy he has that only a rookie can possess. Ee Deum and Jin Wook’s partnership is set to take off both inside and outside of their office. From a dark elevator in Ee Deum’s apartment building to a realtor’s office, the duo’s dynamics continue to twist and turn. Viewers should keep an eye out on how these two, who are so different in personality and what core values they hold, come together to be an unstoppable duo.

3. How a terrible, ill-fated relationship began 20 years ago

“Witch’s Court” will delve into the story of a mysterious happening that occurred 20 years ago between Jo Gap Soo (played by Jun Kwang Ryul), Kwak Young Sil (played by Lee Il Hwa), and Min Ji Sook (played by Kim Yeo Jin). The key to solving the mystery behind the unspeakable event that took place 20 years ago is in the hands of Young Sil, Ee Deum’s mother, Gap Soo, who is trying to stop her from revealing the truth, and Ji Sook, who is trying to punish Gap Soo for trying to silence Young Sil. Their twisted and tangled relationship will raise questions about what exactly happened 20 years ago, and how it affects everyone now.

4. Bringing to light the reality of crimes against women and children that still happen to this day

“Witch’s Court” sets to differentiate itself from other legal dramas by putting its main focus on crimes committed against women and children. The trailers have already hinted that the drama will touch upon shocking but real issues like sexual assault and revenge porn. “Witch’s Court” will be a meaningful drama that puts a spotlight on the sad reality that crimes against women and children are not talked about enough, as well as the fact that there needs to be a change to the current system in place that is not kind to victims.

The “Witch’s Court” team stated, “The drama will air its first episode today. The cast and crew did our best to create a great production for viewers, and we really tried to capture stories that need to be told. We hope that many will watch our drama and speak up about the issues we deal with.”

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