Kim Byung Man In Talks To Return To “Law Of The Jungle”

Kim Byung Man, who recently was injured while skydiving, is in talks to return to “Law of the Jungle.”

On October 10, a source from his agency SM C&C stated, “He is currently receiving treatment at the hospital and focusing on recovery. We are continuously in talks with the production crew on his return to ‘Law of the Jungle.'” On the same day, producer Min Sung Hong also stated, “There isn’t anything confirmed. But we are currently positively discussing things with Kim Byung Man. The most important thing is his body and so we are in discussion.”

In July, after receiving a tandem license, Kim Byung Man was in the middle of training for the national round of the World Skydiving Competition in the U.S. During team training, he was injured and fractured his spine due to landing complications.

According to another source, Kim Byung Man’s recovery was incredibly fast. He is concentrating on taking his medication while undergoing treatment and physical therapy to improve his condition. The source also revealed that there is a high possibility of Kim Byung Man returning to filming for the show towards the end of the month.

Meanwhile, SBS’s “Law of the Jungle” has been continuing without Kim Byung Man, with Choo Sung Hoon, Noh Woo Jin, Oh Jong Hyuk, and more.

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