WINNER’s “Youth Over Flowers” Officially Starts Production

WINNER’s Song Mino is finally getting his wish!

On October 11, a source from tvN confirmed that WINNER has started filming for their version of “Youth Over Flowers.”

The source commented, “The WINNER version of ‘Youth Over Flowers’ has officially begun production. The members departed today and will return after filming at the destination. The destination, however, is undisclosed due to safety reasons.”

“Youth Over Flowers” is a special supplementary show to “New Journey to the West 4,” which ended back in August. During “New Journey to the West 4,” the production staff promised to grant the wishes of the cast members, and Song Mino requested to appear on “Youth Over Flowers” with his fellow WINNER members. The project that started out as a joke has now become reality.

The premise of “Youth Over Flowers” is that guests are “kidnapped” and taken to a destination with minimal amount of belongings. The WINNER members had caught onto the production staff’s plans and had supposedly walked around in fancy outfits with survival gear in their backpacks.

But it looks like the production staff won in the end. The WINNER members were told the previous night that they would be filming an ad the next day, which may have been the staff’s trap. According to social media posts, the four members were spotted at the airport, wearing striped uniforms resembling prison uniforms.

According to various media sources, the members reportedly headed over to Australia, although this location does not seem to have been confirmed by the staff yet.

The WINNER special of “Youth Over Flowers” will air at the end of this year.

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