8 Times Kim Chungha Slayed Us All With Her Dance Skills

Starting off as a hot contender on “Produce 101” who has since debuted as a budding solo artist, Kim Chungha is definitely a rookie to watch out for. But if you already clicked on this article, surely you already know all of that. In fact, you also probably know that Chungha shines the most when she’s able to show off her dance skills. Thus, this tribute was born! Sit back and watch Chungha show off her moves:

1. “Produce 101” position evaluation

With this performance, Chungha made so many people fall in love with her, myself included. The confidence she exudes here is unbelievable!

2. “Bang Bang” Stage

I’m sorry to give everyone Avengers team feels, but this stage is too legendary not to include! Though everyone did incredibly well, I have to hand it to Chungha. She can steal your attention with just one glance.

3. “Weekly Idol” dance relay

Chungha is one of those rare dancers that can freestyle as well as she can execute regular choreography, as she has proved time and time again. Also, I greatly identify with Hani in this clip. You’ll see why if you watch.

4. “Whatta Man” eye contact

Please bring this look back! Chungha with black hair and fierce styling is everything you’ll ever need and more.

5. “Hit The Stage” featuring Choi Yoojung

On the note of bringing things back, I really miss “Hit The Stage.” So many quality performances came out of that show, Chungha’s included. This performance in particular is different from Chungha’s typical style, which I really enjoy.

6. YG audition video

Though she was never a trainee for YG Entertainment, this audition video makes me think that Chungha definitely has what it takes. She just has that confidence about her, you feel?

7. Freestyle dance medley

In just a couple minutes, Chungha conquered songs by Beyonce, Lee Hyori, and KARD. It doesn’t matter that she didn’t know all the choreography because the performance was great regardless.

8. “Why Don’t You Know” double speed

Honestly, I don’t know how she makes this look so easy. Stan talent, stan Kim Chungha everyone.

Which Chungha dance moment is your favorite? Be sure to show her some love in the comments below!

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