GOT7’s JB Says It Feels Like A Dream That His Self-Composed Song “You Are” Reached No. 1

Recently, GOT7 made a comeback to the music scene with their new mini album “7 for 7.”

Their title track “You Are,” which was co-written by leader JB, achieved No. 1 spot on three realtime music charts. To that, JB responded happily, “I was proud. It felt like I was dreaming. It felt different. I didn’t want to feel burdened, but when I heard my song would be the title track, I paid a lot of attention to it.”

He also added, “I made a lot of effort to write it in a refreshing and cool way. Personally, I like the sexy, strong image, but the image I have about GOT7 is refreshing, cool, and bright.”

JB didn’t fail to mention his beloved fans, too. Through the song, he wanted to deliver a message of thanks to them. He said, “I wrote it with just the simple idea to make a good song. It was the song I had the least expectations for, so I’m really happy it became the title track. I wanted to express my gratitude. I created a melody line that could make you think of all of us brightly laughing and dancing under the vast sky.”

The members of GOT7 responded to this with, “We heard about it. The composer of the title track JB is going to buy beef for us.” JB joked, “My members kind of forced me, but since we got No. 1, I want to buy it for them.”

Congratulations GOT7!

You can check out the music video of their title track “You Are” here.

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