First Impressions: “Because This Is My First Life” Has Depth, Chemistry, And A Beautiful Script

tvN has premiered its brand new romantic comedy, “Because This Is My First Life,” starring Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min. I was through the roof when I found out that these two were cast as the main leads. Both of them are well-seasoned actors, so we know that the drama is in good hands. Jung So Min has been getting a lot of love for her role in the recent drama “Father Is Strange.” And who else was excited to find out that Lee Min Ki was making a comeback?!

The first two episodes of “Because This Is My First Life” garnered some good ratings, and especially with the way things ended in the second episode, I can predict that it will continue to deliver! Just look at how cute these two are!


The storyline involves a quirky computer designer by the name of Nam Se Hee (Lee Min Ki), who has his life pretty much figured out. He bought a townhouse and is in the process of paying off the loan he took out to purchase it. He is against the idea of marriage and would rather spend his days with his cat. However, knowing that he has to pay off his debt, he decides that he needs a housemate. While looking for a housemate, he is introduced to Yoon Ji Ho (Jung So Min), who he has actually never met in person. Because of some miscommunication, Nam Se Hee thinks Yoon Ji Ho is a male and Yoon Ji Ho thinks Nam Se Hee is a female. After a week of living together and never seeing each other, they decide to sign a contract to live together permanently. When they finally run into each other at home, they are shocked to find out that they are actually the opposite sex. Although they are caught off guard, they decide to stay roommates, as the hassle to find a new roommate for Nam Se Hee is just too unbearable.

At first glance, the story might seem a little flat and not as intriguing as you would like it to be, but the writing really speaks for itself. The calculated and rational lines spoken by Lee Min Ki’s character and even the side characters all add such color to the plot that it’s really hard to get bored. Even the heart-wrenching lines spoken by Yoon Ji Ho when she is depressed are all too relatable and perfect. The writing really helps bring another level of depth to her character and story that has me totally hooked. This is truly a testament to good script-writing and great casting choices.

“There’s a side which you never wish to show others… no matter how close you are with them. Sometimes, your family can be the least close people to you. When I decided to follow my dream, I thought my life would be like walking through a dark tunnel. But I didn’t know it was going to be… this dark. I didn’t know it was going to be this lonely.” – Yoon Ji Ho

Cast and characters

All it took for me to become a fan of Lee Min Ki was one role. The role was a short one, but an unforgettable one.

Lee Min Ki as Joo Byun Hee in “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band.”

I almost wanted him to play the same character in “Because This Is My First Life,” and was caught a bit off guard when we were introduced to his character in the first episode. Nam Se Hee is a character who seems cold, heartless, and not capable of love. His life is dependent on statistics and factual evidence, and most of his decisions are made through calculations and spreadsheets — doesn’t seem like a character we can fall in love with, right?

Despite his strange quirks and qualities, he really does make you warm up to him by the end of the second episode. His character becomes so refreshingly unique, and his lines are so unpredictable and unprecedented; he really keeps you on your toes. I still can’t get over the fact that Joo Byung Hee and Nam Se Hee are played by the same character. How is Lee Min Ki able to play such opposite characters?! This is just a testament to how great of an actor Lee Min Ki really is.

Isn’t he a charmer?

As a writer, I love Jung So Min’s character, Yoon Ji Ho. Her desperate willingness to become a successful script writer while dealing with a lot of life’s punches are just too relatable and too good. Yoon Ji Ho’s constant pressure of trying to appease her family and friends while continuing to pursue her dreams is basically adulthood in a nutshell. Even though Yoon Ji Ho feels as though she’s failed life, she continues to strive for her dreams. She gets knocked down, but gets back up and deals with the lemons life gives her. She’s a character we can all root for!

Me, everyday.

Final thoughts

“Because This Is My First Life” seemed like a predictable K-drama at first, and apart from the two main leads, I didn’t have very high expectations. Roommates of the opposite sex who are living together, not by choice but by accident, is a storyline that seems obvious, but I was happy about the results. This is a K-drama that I can foresee continuing to impress with depth and a great script.

Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki seemed like an unlikely pair, but seeing their interaction and character storylines, they’re pretty perfect, and I’m loving their chemistry. Their personalities are very different, but there is a common need that both of them fulfill in each other, which is why I think they work. Their relationship will be entertaining and endearing to watch, especially because of the quirkiness that is Nam Se Hee.

Hey Soompiers, what do you think of “Because This Is My First Life” so far? Click below to watch the first episode, and let me know in the comments below!

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