Jung Jin Hyeong From “Mix & Match” Talks About His Dreams And Life After Leaving YG Entertainment

Former “Mix & Match” contestant Jung Jin Hyeong recently posed for a pictorial with Bnt International.

In the interview that followed, he opened up about his dreams and life after leaving YG Entertainment.

Three years ago, Jung Jin Hyeong participated in YG’s survival program “Mix & Match” for a chance to debut as an idol, but he unfortunately didn’t make it into iKON. However, in July 2017, he entered the music scene as a soloist with debut track “Calling You.

When asked what was the hardest part about leaving YG Entertainment, Jung Jin Hyeong answered that it was loneliness. He said, “I was continuously alone, and I became lonely. There were many things I had to deal with because I was alone, so I was mentally stressed out.” He also said, “[The good thing about being a solo artist is] there’s no need to integrate opinions. I can do whatever I want.”

Jung Jin Hyeong also talked about his childhood days when he dreamed of becoming an actor. Influenced by his sister who acted, he attended an acting academy and even majored in acting at Anyang Arts High School.

He revealed, “At that time, I liked music more than acting. I wanted to tell my mom that I wanted to do music, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her. Then, YG vouched for me at my acting academy, and I was naturally able to start music after that.”

Jung Jin Hyeong revealed the type of music he wants to do is hip-hop R&B, with a dreamlike sound. He explained, “I want to sing delicate songs with strange emotions that aren’t too strong, sad, or exciting. I want to make calm songs that [people] can comfortably listen to.” Jung Jin Hyeong also said his favorite artist in Korea is Dean, and the artist he would like to work with is Jay Park.

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