MADTOWN’s Contract Lawsuit Reportedly Sets Trial Date

The Seoul Central District Court has set a date to evaluate whether MADTOWN’s exclusive contract with GNI Entertainment is non-existent.

After their former agency, J.Tune Camp, shut down and the boy group was reportedly sold to GNI Entertainment, GNI Entertainment also shut down due to problems with fraud. Since then, MADTOWN has been operating entirely on their own.

On October 11, sources in legal circles reported that the date for the first hearing for the lawsuit to confirm their contract as non-existent has been set for November 7.

In August, MADTOWN filed requests for an injunction with the court against the head of their former agency, GNI Entertainment, to end their exclusive contracts. Before that, they filed a civil suit against GNI to have their contracts confirmed as non-existent. The injunction to end their contract is being carried out separately from the lawsuit to confirm their contracts as non-existent.

As they work out their legal issues, MADTOWN members have been personally answering questions and concerns on their fan cafe.

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