VIXX’s Ravi Chosen As MC For SBS Beauty Program

VIXX’s rapper Ravi has been selected as an MC for the SBS beauty program “Style Follow.”

On the show, he will be participating in a new segment called “Beauty Pick” where he will be working with two famous makeup creators.

After the first pre-recorded filming, Ravi met with the production staff and chose N as the most “beauty industry-obsessed” member of VIXX. N previously appeared on the beauty program “Lipstick Prince,” where male celebrities learned how to do makeup for female celebrities.

The first episode will feature Ravi giving beauty tips as a male idol and a self-recorded video where the other VIXX members congratulate Ravi on his first MC position.

“I’m going to be obsessed [with beauty products] from now on,” Ravi said. “Please look forward to the growth of a ‘beauty dreamer.'”

The production staff stated, “We think viewers will relate to Ravi, who doesn’t know much about the world of beauty products and is taking his first steps. He has an instinct for the world of beauty that he didn’t even know he had.”

“Style Follow” will air on October 19 at 12:50 a.m. KST.

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