Watch: BTS’s V Chooses Between Park Bo Gum And Jungkook

BTS’s upcoming special Mnet broadcast “BTS Countdown” is set to air tonight!

Ahead of the broadcast, Mnet released a new teaser revealing snippets from the show. One part of the teaser features Jin asking J-Hope, Jimin, and V questions from the other members.

In a video, Jungkook talks about V spending a lot of time with actor friends instead of BTS members. He then asks V to choose between him and Park Bo Gum.

When Jin asks V to choose between Park Bo Gum and Jungkook, V picks Jungkook.

Jin takes the question further and asks V to choose between J-Hope and Jungkook to which V selects J-Hope. Finally, Jin asks V to choose between J-Hope and Bang Shi Hyuk.

You’ll have to tune in to the show when it airs on October 12 at 6 p.m. KST to find out his final answer to the last question.

Watch the teaser below!

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