Update: Highlight Has A Great Time In “Can Be Better” MV Teaser

Updated October 14 KST:

Highlight has released a second MV teaser for their upcoming title track “Can Be Better”!

Original Article: 

The members of Highlight aren’t starting their days off well in a new teaser video for their comeback MV!

On October 13 at midnight KST, Highlight released a teaser for the MV for their upcoming track “Can Be Better.” The video features the guys rushing to work, and not only does it look like they’re going to be late, but they also can’t catch a break on the way there.

Watch it below!

The song will be the title track on Highlight’s new mini album “Celebrate,” which is due to be released on October 16, their eighth anniversary. Check out all their previously released teasers for the mini album here!