20 More Korean Words And Phrases That Every K-Drama Fan Should Know

Here we are with part three of some famous Korean words and phrases that pop up on the regular in K-dramas. If you’re like the average obsessed K-drama watcher and have watched a million dramas, you will probably recognize or be familiar with a lot of these words. But just in case you want to know what they mean or need a little refresher, here they are!

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1. Jo-eun kkoom-kkuh!

jo-eun kkoom-kkuh / 좋은 꿈 꿔: sweet dreams

2. Sa-gwil-lae?

sa-gwil-lae? / 사귈래? : Will you go out with me?

3. Joo-geul-lae?

joo-geul-lae?! / 죽을래?! : Do you want to die?!

4. Gi-da-ryeo

gi-da-ryeo / 기다려 : wait for me

5. Cheot-sarang

cheot-sarang / 첫사랑 : First love

6. Jal-mot-haesseo

jal-mot-haesseo / 잘못했어 : I was wrong

7. Ahjumma / Ahjusshi

ahjumma, ahjusshi / 아줌마, 아저씨 : an old lady, an old man

8. Babo-ya

babo-ya / 바보야 : You idiot, silly one

9. Bap-meok-ja

bap-meok-ja / 밥먹자 : Let’s eat

10. Seol-laen-da

seol-laen-da / 설렌다 : I got butterflies, I have butterflies

11. Sseom-ta-da

sseom-ta-da / 썸타다 : Having good chemistry, liking each other

12. Hoon-nam / Hoon-nyeo

hoon-nam, hoon-nyeo / 훈남, 훈녀: heart-warming man / woman

13. Ool-ji-ma

ool-ji-ma / 울지마 : Don’t cry

14. Hana, dul, set

hana, dul, set / 하나, 둘, 셋: One, two, three

15. Mil-ddang

mil-ddang / 밀땅 : playing hard to get

16. Uh-dee-ya?

uh-dee-ya? / 어디야?: where are you?

17. Seul-peu-da

seul-peu-da / 슬프다 : I’m sad.

18. Dae-ryeo-da-jul-kkae

dae-reo-da-jul-kkae / 대려다줄게: I’ll take you home

19. Jang-nan-hae?!

jang-nan-hae?! / 장난해?! : Are you kidding me?!

20. Kkuh-juh

kkuh-juh / 꺼져 : get lost

Hey Soompiers, which of these words and phrases did you already know? Let me know in the comments below!

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