Five Times KARD Upped The Wow Factor During “WILD KARD” Part 2 In San Francisco

Before I begin, I must be honest – I attended WILD KARD Part 1 in Los Angeles earlier this year. I was blown away and I really thought that they wouldn’t be able to top the first part of the tour during part 2. I was oh so wrong, of course!

Part 2 of the tour kicked off shortly after KARD’s official debut with “HOLA HOLA” and KARD was propelled from monster trainees (that’s right, this whole time they’ve been trainees) to finally being monster rookies. They brought that same graduation to their tour – performing new unit performances and showing off more of how multi-faceted they are as performers.

Let’s jump into the 5 moments that made the tour more memorable than part 1:


This might be too obvious… but, finally seeing “HOLA HOLA” live was pretty much life-changing. It remains a perfect summer jam and, though it may be Fall, the whole venue was transported into that summery mood as they cheered and sand along.

Special Love For HIDDEN KARD

KARD also debuted a new ending song – “Living Good.” The song, a special thanks to all of the fans who have brought KARD to international fame, was an especially fitting way to end the show and kept the fans leaving the venue filled with warm and fuzzy feelings.

“Right Now” Performed by BM and J.Seph

At the first WILD KARD tour, the main units were J.Seph and Jiwoo, then BM and Somin. This time around – the boys formed a unit! They brought the fire in a slick rendition of “Right Now” – and everyone’s hands went up and stayed there for the entire song.

“Versace on the Floor” Performed by Somin and Jiwoo

This time the ladies took center stage to wow the crowd with a flawless rendition of “Versace on the Floor” – stealing hearts and bringing an almost reverent silence to the crowd.

The Fans

Truly, all the Hidden KARD make these tours memorable! In San Francisco the fans who were lucky enough to get up onto the stage to place the Dice Game with KARD were so adorable and fun that the entire venue was cheering for them. I, personally, lost it when Jiwoo had to record a wake-up call for her lucky fan and the most important one was yelling “WAKE UP YOU’RE LATE” because the fan was always late to class. I’d like a copy of that, please.

The MC

Danny Lim was the MC for both part 1 and part 2 of the tour – but you can tell that he was much closer with KARD this time around. They had inside jokes – like Somin begging him to lay off the “sexy dance” for part 2 of the tour, which spectacularly backfired because Somin was chosen to dance solo in San Francisco – as well as a ton of chemistry on stage. J.Seph did manage to get some revenge though; when Danny asked him to speak louder he instead spoke in much harder Korean – but loudly. And of course, Danny handled it like a pro – only exclaiming “I hate you so much right now” before translating it all.

Did you attend WILD KARD in USA Part 2? What was your favorite part?

Special thanks to SubKulture Entertainment for inviting us to cover the show.