JBJ’s Popularity Proven Through Commercial Offers And High Guarantees Ahead Of Debut

Originally fan-created, but now becoming a reality, JBJ has been making their mark even before their official group debut.

Made up of former “Produce 101 Season 2” trainees, the group is already reportedly receiving many commercial offers. According to sources from the advertising industry, JBJ has already finished filming for one commercial, are in the middle of discussions for one or two more, and have a total of seven to eight commercial offers.

They are also planning on meeting fans, both domestic and abroad, through a fan meeting tour and all factors considered, is quickly ascending to being a recognized name in the industry. After finishing domestic promotions from November until January, JBJ plans to go on fan meetings all across Asia, including Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, with each fan meeting reportedly featuring an audience of 3,500 people.

According to one foreign concert industry insider, JBJ will be receiving a guarantee that is approximately 70% of what Wanna One received for these fan meetings. For a rookie group, this is almost unprecedentedly high in itself, and is supposedly within the five largest amounts of those received by Korean boy groups.

The fact that they are planning on fan meetings abroad also means that JBJ has market power abroad and their agency is confident in their success. There is also reportedly high interest in potential promotions in North America.

JBJ will be releasing their debut album “Fantasy” on October 18. Check out their latest music video teasers as well as their most recent adventure shown in their reality show!

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