Kim Byung Man And Golfer Pak Se Ri Confirmed For Next Filming Of “Law Of The Jungle”

Kim Byung Man is coming back to the jungle!

After getting injured during training for a skydiving competition back in July, Kim Byung Man has since been unable to participate in filming for SBS’s “Law of the Jungle.” Kim Byung Man, who has a great fondness for the show, has been working with his medical team to focus on his rehabilitation therapy. After an in-depth conversation between his medical staff and the “Law of the Jungle” production crew, it has been decided that Kim Byung Man will return for the filming of “Law of the Jungle in the Cook Islands” at the end of this month.

He recently posted a video of him mountain biking with the comment, “Since my injury in July, I have tried my best to recuperate with the advice of the medical staff and physical therapy team. I think in the next jungle, I will be able to make a fire. Keke.”

Kim Byung Man isn’t the only face viewers will be excited to see. Golf legend Pak Se Ri has also been confirmed to appear on the episodes in the Cook Islands.

According to a source from SBS, “In an interview with ‘Night of Real Entertainment’ in May, Pak Se Ri chose ‘Law of the Jungle’ as her favorite show. She rejected offers to come on the show, but after five months of PD [producing director] Min Sun Hong’s casting efforts, Pak Se Ri has decided to appear on the show.”

Kim Byung Man, Pak Se Ri, and others will leave for the Cook Islands at the end of this month. “Law of the Jungle in the Cook Islands” is expected to air in December.

Are you excited to see Kim Byung Man back in the jungle?

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