Watch: Kim Chungha Surprises Fan Selling Her Old Goods

What would you do if you were selling your favorite artist’s old CDs or goods and found out that the buyer was, in fact, the artist? Kim Chungha decided to find out for herself!

On a popular website where you can buy or trade used items, Kim Chungha found a fan who was selling her fan cap with a cute drawing of soju and her slogan for 60,000 won (approximately $53). She agreed to buy them and set up a meeting to pick up the goods in person, keeping her identity secret.

Before meeting the fan, Kim Chungha prepared a series of polaroid selfies with her fake autographs to see if the fan could recognize that they weren’t real.

The production staff disguised as a buyer met with the fan first. When he asked the fan if she liked Kim Chungha, she replied that she had been a fan since “Produce 101 Season 1.” She had even gone to Kim Chungha’s fan meeting and concerts. The fan also revealed that she was selling the goods not because she stopped stanning the singer, but because she needed money to study music herself.

Kim Chungha, who had been listening hidden behind a tree, let out a sigh of relief.

The staff then showed the fan the autographed polaroid of the artist they had prepared earlier. The fan immediately realized that the autograph was fake, questioning, “Isn’t this different from how she usually signs her autographs?”

Kim Chungha then showed up right next to the fan, completely shocking her. The fan couldn’t hide her excitement and hugged her favorite artist repeatedly. The fan once again confirmed that she was still a huge fan of Kim Chungha and said she had even appeared on her radio show. Kim Chungha wished the fan good luck on her career in music and said she hoped to perform on stage together someday.

Watch Kim Chungha surprise the lucky fan below!

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