Lee Je Hoon Talks About His 10-Year Age Gap With Suzy

Actor Lee Je Hoon has nothing but respect for Suzy!

During an interview held on October 14 at the Busan International Film Festival, Lee Je Hoon talked about his former “Architecture 101” co-star Suzy.

The actor commented, “Suzy and I played same-aged friends in the film, but we’re actually 10 years apart in age. When we were filming the movie, I didn’t want Suzy to feel a generation gap with me, so I tried my best to appear young and approachable. She found it cute, so we were able to film comfortably.”

“Ever since that film, Suzy has been receiving lots of love. She became very mature, and she’s been able to widen her acting spectrum. I want to work with her again in a production of a different genre and a different love story,” Lee Je Hoon added.

Would you like to see Suzy and Lee Je Hoon acting together again?

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