Watch: GOT7 Shares Beautiful Lyric Video Of “You Are” Produced By BamBam

GOT7 recently made their comeback with their new album “7 for 7” and the members have gifted fans with a special lyric video of their title track “You Are”!

“You Are” was co-written by GOT7’s leader JB and has a hopeful message about loved ones being a source of comfort and a guide, drawing parallels to the feelings one gets when looking up at the sky when feeling tired and weary. GOT7 has already released an official music video for the song, as well as a dance practice video.

Now, the group has released a lyric video that weaves together the beautiful lyrics of the song with footage from behind the scenes of GOT7 filming their official music video. The video is especially meaningful to both GOT7 and their fans as member BamBam was the one who produced it.

Check out the video below!