Kim Ah Joong Talks About Her Lack Of Dating Scandals And Difficulties Of Actresses In The Industry

Actress Kim Ah Joong, who recently appeared in the tvN drama “Deserving of the Name,” sat down for an interview where she talked about her love life – or lack thereof.

When asked if she dated during her time off, Kim Ah Joong said, “I really don’t date. To be honest, I can’t. Because of work? You can date and work at the same time. I just wasn’t able to date. You say it’s a surprise that I haven’t had any dating scandals, but I haven’t dated anyone, so there haven’t been any scandals. I can say that with a clear conscience.”

In response to a question about her fans wanting to know if she plans to get married, she added, “I am most curious about that. I seem to be the kind of person who can’t date very well. It takes a lot of time for me to be friends with anyone, but it’s much worse with people of the opposite sex. I don’t dream of fairytale romance, but I think love is too difficult.”

She then picked her ideal type as someone who looks at life the same way she does. “Someone who is accommodating and generous, who can understand the differences between people and have healthy feelings and thoughts. If they don’t have money, they can earn it, and if they haven’t learned anything, they can learn it, but feelings and thoughts are another matter. It’s okay if they don’t have a sense of humor. I don’t need them to be funny. I don’t like people who are too lighthearted.”

Kim Ah Joong debuted in 2004 and has been in the industry for 13 years. She picked her role models as Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep, and Na Moon Hee.

“I want to be an actress that can do any role no matter her age,” she said. “There are times when I feel limited as an actress. It’s hard for a movie that has a woman in the starring role to do well. People don’t invest in it. It’s okay if someone says, ‘The narrative is weak, it needs a more original approach” because you can apply a concrete solution. But when someone tells you, ‘It’s not the time for a female-led production right now, it’s hard to invest in it,’ that’s really hard to accept.”

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