Jung Ryeo Won Faces Off Against Powerful Men And Women In Latest “Witch’s Court” Stills

On October 15, the new KBS drama “Witch’s Court” dropped stills of a tense standoff between Jung Ryeo Won’s ace prosecutor and Jun Kwang Ryul’s corrupt politician.

In one set of stills, Jun Kwang Ryul and is team are sporting red jackets with his name emblazoned across it and campaigning for votes at an open market. Although he wears a warm smile as he poses with the local food and residents, one senses that it’s all a pose put on for the camera. Indeed, as soon as one of the aides whispers something into his ear, his facial expression completely changes, a testament to Jun Kwang Ryul’s skill as an actor.

His character, Jo Gap Soo, is a former police officer who had risen in the ranks and entered the political sphere as a member of parliament. He also works for the primary law firm featured in the drama as a legal counselor and is aiming to be nominated as mayor of the city.

In another set of stills, Kim Yeo Jin, who plays a lawyer named Min Ji Sook, and Jun Ryeo Won have just finished a trial when they come across Jun Kwang Ryul and another woman. All the characters wear slightly different expressions, from Jung Ryeo Won’s supremely unimpressed look, the woman’s contemptuous smile, Kim Yeo Jin’s quiet evaluation, and Jun Kwang Ryul’s mysterious smirk.

A source from “Witch’s Court” stated, “From now on, the department investigating crimes against women and children will be going head-to-head both in and out of the courtroom with the law firm. Min Ji Sook and Jo Gap Soo have a history going back 20 years that will play out in the conflict between the department and the law firm. Please look forward to it.”

Watch the latest episode of “Witch’s Court” below!

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