Producer Of “Youth Over Flowers” Apologizes For Telling A White Lie On Instagram To Fool WINNER

On October 10, producing director (PD) Shin Hyo Jung of tvN’s “Youth Over Flowers” posted on her personal Instagram a photo of a man suspected to be her brother flying a drone. She wrote in the caption, “Flying a drone with my brother for the first time in a while…I came to relax but feel like I’m working,” then added the hashtags, “Family trip for the first time in awhile,” and “Now it feels like the holidays.”

To the unassuming eye, this may look like a producer on a family vacation. However, on the following day of the post on October 11, it was reported that WINNER departed to Australia to film “Youth Over Flowers.” After the reports came out, PD Shin Hyo Jung edited the hashtags to say, “Lie,” “It’s been a million years since I’ve gone on a family vacation,” “Liestagram,” “Because of security,” and “I’m sorry.”

Since PD Shin Hyo Jung and WINNER member Song Mino are mutuals on Instagram, it could be one of the reasons why she posted the previous photo and captions on Instagram. Meanwhile, tvN confirmed that WINNER has begun filming for “Youth Over Flowers” at an undisclosed location and is expected to air at the end of this year.

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