Update: ASTRO Reveals Mysterious MV Teaser For “Crazy Sexy Cool”

Updated October 30 KST:

It appears that ASTRO will be promoting “Crazy Sexy Cool” as their title track!

The group revealed a fantasy-like music video teaser, where they are surrounded by a purple fog and start getting pulled into an unknown place through a closet.

Updated October 25 KST:

Take a listen to clips of all of ASTRO’s new songs in their newly released highlight medley below!

Updated October 23 KST:

ASTRO has released a track list for their upcoming mini album “Dream Part. 02”!

The mini album will feature five songs in total, including “With You,” “Crazy Sexy Cool,” “Butterfly,” “Run,” and “We Already” (working title). The track list does not reveal which of the songs will be their title track, but the album’s tracks have been composed by big names including LDN Noise (well known for working with K-pop artists including EXO, SHINee, Taeyeon, and Red Velvet) and Iggy Yongbae (who has been behind many popular songs, including tracks by ASTRO, GFRIEND, and more).

Updated October 22 KST:

Ready those wallets! ASTRO has shared a sneak peek at what their newest album will physically look like, and what it will contain.

It appears there will be two versions, each including a booklet, a postcard, a photocard, and a polaroid. There will be two types of posters, a group and individual, in addition to a “special card,” which will only be included in a few hundred copies of the album.

Updated October 20 KST:

ASTRO has shared new teaser photos for their comeback with “Dream Part. 02,” this time featuring the guys looking stylish in outfits perfect for the fall.

Updated October 18 KST:

ASTRO has shared their first individual and group teaser images for their return with “Dream Part. 02.” Check out their classroom-themed photos!

Updated October 17 KST:

ASTRO has now revealed a timetable for their comeback teasers!

The timetable has been shared as two images set on the background of their previous album cover photos. We can look forward to a first teaser image tomorrow on October 18! Their new mini album “Dream Part. 02” will be released on November 1.

Original Article: 

ASTRO has shared some details about their much-anticipated return!

On October 16 at midnight KST, Fantagio released two album covers for ASTRO’s comeback via Twitter.

The covers reveal that the group will be returning with their fifth mini album “Dream Part. 02,” while the tweet includes the date of November 1 and the hashtag “Baram.” The word “baram” in Korean has multiple meanings, including “wind” and “wish.”

ASTRO is a six-member boy group under Fantagio that made their debut in 2016 and most recently released their mini album “Dream Part. 01” in May, featuring the title track “Baby.”