Highlight Thanks Fans As They Celebrate 8th Anniversary

Highlight has shared some messages of thanks to their fans on their eighth anniversary!

The popular group debuted on October 16 of 2009 as BEAST, and changed their name this year after leaving Cube Entertainment and launching their independent company Around Us Entertainment. Following their change to Highlight, they’ve continued to have great success with their releases, and will be making a comeback today.

On October 16 at midnight KST, Around Us Entertainment first shared a sweet anniversary poster with a message to fans on their Twitter.

Yoon Doojoon shared a photo of a bridge on Instagram and wrote, “Congrats, congrats, congrats on the 8th anniversary!!!!!! Thank you everyone, have a great night.”

8주년 추카추카추 !!!!!!!! 고맙습니다 여러분 꿀밤하세요??????

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Yong Junhyung wrote on Instagram, “To my members who have been together with me for the past eight years, the fans who always give more love than deserved, and Around Us who has helped with our new start, I love each and every one of you. I’ll repay you.”

Yang Yoseob wrote, “I really, really thank the fans who have stayed by our side for eight years. I’ll keep singing for you all in the future.”

Son Dongwoon also posted a photo of himself and congratulated everyone on their eighth anniversary.

8주년 추카추카추..?

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Lee Gikwang posted a selfie on Instagram with the message, “Thank you so much to Light, who has been together with us for eight years. I’ll keep working harder so that we can always be together for an even longer time, and so that only happy things happen. I’ll repay you with better performances and songs. It’s a night full of thanks. Sleep well everyone, and see you tomorrow! Let’s keep it up once again starting tomorrow!!!!!”

The guys also hosted a V Live broadcast to celebrate their anniversary with fans, where they played games, talked about their upcoming return, and more.

Lee Gikwang said during the show, “Thank you for wishing us a happy eighth anniversary, and I hope we can spend 18 and then 28 years together too.”

Highlight will be releasing their new mini album “Celebrate” at 6 p.m. KST on October 16! The album will feature their title track “Can Be Better.”

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