Choi Siwon Shocks Gong Myung With His Unexpected Ratings Pledge For “Revolutionary Love”

Recently, Kang Sora, Choi Siwon, and Gong Myung held a V Live broadcast to promote their new drama “Revolutionary Love.”

During the broadcast, Choi Siwon and Gong Myung expressed affection for their female co-star. Choi Siwon said, “When I first saw her, my heart beat faster. She’s beautiful but on the inside she’s both energetic and pure-hearted. She’s our boss.”

About his character, Choi Siwon said, “He’s not calculating at all. He doesn’t test the waters and charges full speed ahead. I think passion is his greatest strength. But he’s a character that would tire you out if you stood beside him. I feel sorry to Gong Myung, who has to play a character that has to calm him down all the time.”

The actors also made pledges about what they’d do if the drama surpassed certain viewership ratings. Without consulting the other actors, Choi Siwon said, “If we pass 10 percent, the cast will go to Myungdong and give free hugs. If we pass 20 percent, I will go to Myungdong and kiss Gong Myung,” taking his co-star by surprise.

“Revolutionary Love” is a comic romance about a down-on-his luck chaebol heir, an overqualified part-time worker, and an elite secretary as they navigate their way through their youth together.

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