Yoo Hae Jin’s Random Act Of Kindness To Firefighters Comes To Light

Recently actor Yoo Hae Jin’s small kindness toward firefighters near the set of his movie made the news.

On October 14, a firefighter at a station in Daejeon told YTN Star, “Yesterday, we received coffee from Yoo Hae Jin. He saw the firefighters training and brought us five Americanos himself. All the firefighters were touched.”

It appears that while Yoo Hae Jin was hanging around on set, he coincidentally met the firefighters nearby. When they asked him for a photo, he cheerfully agreed and later personally delivered them coffee.

The firefighter who brought the incident to light, Mr. Jung, said, “Yoo Hae Jin is a top star. But even so, he told us, ‘You’re going through a lot’ and made small talk with us. He seemed very easygoing. He brought the coffee to us on a tray from the local cafe. We gained a lot of strength from seeing that.”

When the news started to attract attention, Yoo Hae Jin’s agency, Huayi Brothers Korea, issued an official response merely confirming that the incident had indeed occurred.

Yoo Hae Jin has a reputation for being thoughtful in the industry, once seeking out a family featured in a documentary he narrated in order to help them out. The actor is currently in the middle of filming the movie “Love Sling.”

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