Highlight Thanks BTOB For Their Support And Shares Hopes That Both Groups Do Well

Earlier today, BTOB stated that they were honored to be going head-to-head with former labelmates Highlight, and Highlight has responded with equally kind and supportive words!

Highlight held a showcase on October 16 to celebrate the release of their new mini album “Celebrate,” as well as their 8th anniversary as a group.

When asked how they feel about making a comeback on the same day as BTOB, Yoon Doo Joon said, “Being able to promote alongside a group we care about and are friends with is a great joy, in our opinion. We’re grateful for the words of support they gave us. I hope we all do well and have a great time.”

He continued to add, “We can’t help but be aware of our results [on the charts] because they’re used as a measure of success. I think all of us and our fans are hoping for good results for this album.” Yoon Doo Joon concluded with, “The dice has been thrown. Our biggest goal is to make great memories with our fans.”

Highlight returned on October 16 with the release of their new mini album “Celebrate.” Check out the music video for their title track, “Can Be Better”!

Top photo credit: Xportsnews.

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