Update: EXID Reveals Highlight Medley For Mini Album “Full Moon”

Updated November 2 KST:

EXID has dropped a highlight medley for their new mini album “Full Moon”!

Take a listen below.

Updated November 1 KST:

EXID released a second spoiler video for their upcoming comeback with title track “DDD” and album “Full Moon.” Check it out below!

Updated November 1 KST:

EXID has shared a new “spoiler” for their upcoming title track “DDD”!

Updated October 31 KST:

EXID’s track list for their new mini album “Full Moon” has now been released!

The mini album will include six tracks in total, including their title track “DDD,” “Too Good to Me,” solos by Solji, Jeonghwa, and Hyerin, and a collaboration by Hani and LE.

Updated October 27 KST:

EXID has now shared a full group photo for “Full Moon” as well as two photos of member Solji!

Updated October 26 KST: 

EXID’s LE and Hani are the next members to feature in their concept photos for “Full Moon!” EXID is slated to return with their fourth mini album on November 7 at 6 p.m. KST.

Updated October 25 KST:

EXID’s Hyerin and Jeonghwa are the first members to feature in their concept photos for “Full Moon”!

Updated October 24 KST:

A teaser schedule has now been announced for EXID’s new album!

Check it out below:

Updated October 24 KST:

EXID has shared more news about the title track for their new mini album, this time revealing that the song’s Korean title is “덜덜덜,” which is an onomatopoeia for someone shaking or trembling.

Updated October 23 KST:

EXID’s latest in their series of title spoilers, released on October 23, has revealed the Korean initials (“ㄷㄷㄷ”) for the group’s title track.

Updated October 21 KST:

EXID has gifted fans with another “title spoiler” for their comeback, this time featuring a chat conversation (in both Korean and English versions) among five fans. In the hashtags, the group asks fans to “find the hidden hints.”

Updated October 19 KST:

EXID has shared a “title spoiler” for their upcoming return with their fourth mini album “Full Moon.”

A poster was released on October 19 at midnight KST that features what appears to be a cardiogram. The Twitter hashtags include the words, “Cold,” “Fear,” “Shivering,” “Grumbling,” “Lie,” and “Eyes quivering,” followed by “Title” and “Spoiler.”

Original Article:

EXID is making a comeback soon!

On October 17 at midnight KST, EXID announced their return with a fourth mini album entitled “Full Moon,” which is due out on November 7 at 6 p.m. KST. The announcement also includes their first concept teaser for the release.The girl group most recently released their mini album “Eclipse” last April, which featured the title track “Night Rather than Day.” While Solji had to sit out those promotions due to health issues, Banana Culture Entertainment has said that she will be taking part in recording their new album, although they stated that it had not been decided if she will perform with the group on music shows.

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